Roof Maintenance

repairOshkosh Industrial Roofing & Sheetmetal, based in the Fox Valley, can assist you in establishing a low-cost regularly scheduled maintenance program to protect your roofing assets.  Routine maintenance and asset evaluation of your roofing can identify and repair small defects before they become expensive failures.  Whether your facility is in Appleton or Green Bay, the entire State of Wisconsin is local for our dedicated and experienced professionals. 

Our roofing maintenance programs are handled in a manner specified by the facility owner, and can range from bi-annual inspection and service to reactive patch-and-repair calls.  Oshkosh has the expertise and manpower to cater to whatever your roofing maintenance need.

Roof Installation

installOshkosh Industrial Roofing & Sheet Metal employs highly-experienced craftsmen to ensure the quality of your roof installation.  Oshkosh Industrial follows the most current industry best practices in installation, and each project is implemented in strict accordance with manufacturer specifications.  Through the years our craftsmen have installed virtually every type of roofing system imaginable, and have developed the experience necessary to be fully knowledgeable of any project type to which they may be applied.

Roofing and construction can be a dangerous industry, and Oshkosh Industrial protects our craftsmen and your interests with a written safety program.  All foremen are OSHA 10+ certified, and our safety supervisors stress job-specific concerns during our weekly toolbox talks.

Roof Inspection Services

Wisconsin Roof InspectionOshkosh Industrial Roofing & Sheet Metal offers free, no-obligation roof inspections to serve the roofing needs of your facility.  Our experienced, career industrial and commercial roofing professionals can provide objective roofing evaluations based on observed evidence; and can furnish your facility with detailed, exhibit-oriented roofing condition reports to formulate or support your roof asset management plan.  Our professionals have specified and supervised the installation of millions of square feet of successful roofing, and can apply their expertise to your zero-cost roofing evaluation in order to assist you in making the best decisions.  Oshkosh Industrial utilizes the latest technology in roofing asset evaluation; and our fact-based, evidence-oriented approach maintains rigid adherence to industry best practices.

Roof Design

roof-designOshkosh Industrial Roofing & Sheet Metal is fully-versed in modern roofing systems, and will tailor your roofing specification based on your particular need.  Our career roofing professionals have many years experience in dealing with unique roofing requirements and unique structural situations.  Our design team uses computer-aided drafting and design to plan for tapered insulation layouts, to design roof panel systems, and design single-ply panel layouts.  Our designers are fully-versed in building code requirements, as well as system design in compliance with loss-prevention data sheets.  Whatever the unique or demanding issue at your facility, the professionals at Oshkosh Industrial can incorporate these into designs to successfully withstand even the most difficult situations.  The professionals at Oshkosh Industrial look forward to helping you achieve a successful roof installation.