Roof Coatings

Wisconsin Roof CoatingsOshkosh Industrial Roofing & Sheetmetal, LLC. installs a select variety of roof coatings as an economical way to extend the service life of your roof, as well as lower energy costs for your facility.

Throughout the years, roof coatings and polymer science have evolved to make fluid-applied roofing products a wise decision.  Many existing roof installations can have their warranted service life extended perpetually with low cost and minimally-disruptive coating solutions.  Old, weathered surfaces can be treated with coating products to add a new protective surface, and the rooftop temperatures associated with dark roof surfaces can be greatly reduced.

Roof coating costs are significantly lower than the cost to replace an old roof.  In the case of old single-ply roofing, Oshkosh Industrial has the tools and ability to help save you money.  Our professionals perform thermographic imaging of your roof system to identify the position and extent of any wet above-deck roof insulation, and then remove only that which requires replacement as opposed to tearing off the entire roof.  You only purchase what is needed instead of throwing away perfectly good insulating materials.

After wet insulation is removed and replaced, Oshkosh Industrial will re-seal the entire roof, paying particular attention to the seams, projections, and penetrations.  The end result is a leak-free, low-cost fluid-applied roofing membrane system which promises many years of trouble-free service.

Please contact the professionals at Oshkosh Industrial Roofing & Sheetmetal to see whether a roof coating solution is right for you.