Oshkosh Industrial: Built-Up Roofing

BUROshkosh Industrial Roofing & Sheet Metal installs the time-tested roofing solution for low-slope application: Built-Up Roofing (BUR).  The experienced craftsmen at Oshkosh Industrial have installed millions of square feet of BUR, and have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to implement this robust solution at your facility.

BUR consists of multiple layers of reinforcement fabric (known as roofing "felts" or "plies") alternated in layers between asphalt.  This type of system has been in use for over a century, and has evolved through modern methods and materials science into the BUR systems of today.  In instances where the odor of melted asphalt, or logistical concerns of lugging hot asphalt (425° F at the kettle, and between 325° and 400° at the point of application) to the project area, modern installations utilize "cold process" BUR which uses a solvent-born asphaltic adhesive as the interply binder between the layers of reinforcement fabric.  Modern materials have also spawned the advent and widespread use of polymer-modified capsheets which when incorporated into a BUR waterproofing membrane system are referred to a "modified" or "hybrid" systems.

Despite the advent of singly-ply roofing, many industrial and institutional facilities continue to implement BUR systems due to their unparallelled strength and long service life.  High-traffic roofs, or those with a long-term costing concern choose BUR due to the redundant nature of the roof system inherent in its multiple-layer construction.  The experienced craftsmen at Oshkosh Industrial, guided by the expert advice of our career professional roofing specifiers can help you to implement this proven, long-term roofing solution for your facility.