Metal Roofing

metalOshkosh Industrial Roofing & Sheetmetal, LLC. has the skilled craftsmen and the specialized equipment necessary to install your new metal roof.  The Oshkosh Industrial Sheet Metal Division can fabricate any metal detail, and their craftsmanship is second to none.

Metal roofing systems have gained in use and popularity due to their low life cycle cost.  According to a study conducted by Ducker Research Company in 2003, metal roofs have the lowest life cycle cost when compared to asphalt and single-ply roofing systems.  Some interesting conclusions follow:

  • The life cycle cost of a metal roof is significantly less than an asphalt or single-ply roof. The expected life cycle cost of metal roofs reported in this study is 30 cents per square foot per year, asphalt is 37 cents per square foot per year, and single-ply roofs is 57 cents per square foot per year.
  • Metal roofs have a significantly longer expected service life than either asphalt or single-ply roofs. According to Ducker findings, metal roofs are expected to last 17 years longer than asphalt and 20 years longer than single-ply.
  • The expected service life for a metal roof system is 40 years, while the expected service life for asphalt roofs and single-plies are 23 years and 20 years, respectively.
  • Owners and property managers report performing little or no regular maintenance on their metal roofs in this study. A comparison of maintenance costs over the life of the roof for metal versus asphalt and single-ply shows that owners of metal roofs spent approximately 3 1/2% of total installed costs on maintenance, versus 28 1/2% for asphalt roofs and 19% for single-ply roofs.

Despite a greater initial investment to implement a metal roofing system, based on the results of the Ducker Research Company one can conclude that metal roofing is a wise investment over the long term.  While some structures do not lend themselves to easy implementation of a metal roofing system, thoughtful facility owners and managers will carefully consider selecting a roof system which will stand up over time.

The professionals at Oshkosh Industrial Roofing & Sheetmetal, LLC. can help you select and implement a metal roofing system, and our craftsmen have the ability to skillfully crafty a roofing solution to stand the test of time.